Business Blogging: Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Бизнес >> 13.03.2019

Running a business is far from simple. It’s complex, requires hard work and dedication and is often stressful and confusing. However, as a businessman, you need to stay on top of your game and juggle multiple tasks at once to keep things up and running. One of the things every business definitely needs is a blog.

Business blogging is one of the most successful forms of content marketing today. It’s a form of silent advertising which can help you expand your business and gain new clients. If you’re not sure what good can business blogging bring you and how can it benefit your company, just keep reading.

Here are 3 reasons why your business needs a blog.

1. Inform Your Current Customers

Let’s start from scratch.

If you’ve been running your business for a while, you probably have a certain base of regular customers.

If you want to keep them and make sure they stay your long-term clients, you need to walk the extra mile for them.

Writing a blog covering topics your customers would be interested in is a great way to have them come back to you.

Write blog posts such as:
  • how-to tutorials
  • guides
  • product reviews
  • recommendations
  • top 10 posts
Make sure these blog posts are:
  • highly informative
  • entertaining
  • easy to understand
This way, you’re securing constant traffic to your website and you’re reminding your customers that you’re still there.

2. Get New Customers

Blogging is the best weapon you can use to acquire new customers using content marketing. It will help you get to those people who’ve never heard of your business but are in need of your services.

It may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.

Here’s an example of how things work:
  • Your company sells baby gear & equipment.
  • Your blog covers a variety of topics related to babies.
  • A person searches on Google for “traveling with kids”.
  • Your blog post “Top 10 destinations for families traveling with kids this summer” shows as one of their Google results.
  • They’re interested, they open the article, and you’ve got them on your website.
In addition to this strategy, you can write guest posts for other blogs and add a link to a product you’re selling or your website in general.

This way, you’re expanding your range of activity and you’re making it easy for random people to find you.

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3. Link it to Social Media

Social media is another obligatory addition to your content marketing strategy.

In order to make the whole machinery work, it’s essential that you have business profiles and pages on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Once you have those up and running, you need to connect them to your blog:
  • publish posts on social media about each new blog post
  • leave a link to a blog post in the profile description
This way, you’re linking your social media audience to your blog audience, and you’re forming a steady group of regular followers.

Your website will increase its traffic and your business will continue to flourish.
Keep in Mind
There’s a couple of things you need to take care of when running a business blog. Here’s a list of fundamentally important details you cannot ignore:
  • trending topics
    You need to write about the things people are interested in and cover trending topics. Make sure you follow all the latest trends from your niche and write accordingly.
  • accuracy
    You need to proofread each of your blog posts and eliminate any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Use online tools such as Grammarly to help you do a better job.
  • factual
    When you’re sharing information with your readers, you need to ensure that information is 100% accurate. Use reliable sources in your research and back each of your statements with a fact. This will show your readers you’re trustworthy.


Business blogging is the cornerstone of your content marketing and something you absolutely need to start practicing. It’s highly beneficial for you, your business, and your customers. Use this strategy to deliver informative, useful, and appealing blog posts which will help you build an army of faithful customers.

Make sure your blog is at a high standard and offer only the best to your customers.